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Since 2010 Point of Distress AutoTherapy™ has been committed to helping motorists get home safely after experiencing common vehicle malfunctions. Year after year, we continue to honor that commitment. Through partnering with some of the leading insurance companies and motor clubs we are able to assist new motorist by connecting them with some of the best trained service technicians available. 

Wether you're insured or not, we are your local and affordable option always on standby whenever you are experiencing minor car troubles. With us, there is never a need to worry, feel stressed out or get overwhelmed any longer when your car lets you down. Give us a call 24/7 or place an order on our website and we will be on our way. To view our service listing click here. To request assistance and order service click here.


"with you at every turn"

Our Services


vehicle diagnostic

Often times, you just want to find out what in the world is wrong with your car before you take the next decision. We'll let you know exactly whats wrong with your car and provide accurate quotes so that you can know how much you can expect to spend to fix it.  

Battery testing & installations

With this service we will help you find out wether or not its time to replace your battery. Although we do not sell batteries, we do provide pick up and installation services. Call us today to find out more. 

Tire Repair

If you happened to pick up a nail or puncture your tire during your daily travels, we can help you repair your tire and avoid having to put that old wrinkly donut on your car. Give us a call today. Our technicians would be happy to be your plug

Wheel lock removal

If you've lost your wheel lock key, and need to get a tire off your car, we can help you remove that lock at the best rate in town. Request service now and get helped within 35 minutes. 


Tire Change

If you have a good spare and your tire is beyond repair, request a tire change and we'll be right there. Ha, that was a nice little rhym huh! Totally unintended but if it works, why change it. You get the picture. 

Jump Starts

Quick and easy service we offer in the event that your battery looses power. Our technicians can test and install a new battery if needed. 


After you've mistakenly locked your keys in your car. Before you panic, just know that there is a faster, safer, reliable, and an affordable option thats just 35 minutes away. Our techs are certified and can help you unlock your cars and trucks. 


fluid delivery

Fuel, Oil, Coolant, whatever type of fluid you might need in your vehicle to get it back in shape, we got you covered. 

I didn’t realize at first that repairing the tire was a service that could be done as well - I needed to drive to Arlington after work and was concerned about the time it would take to bring it somewhere to be fixed beforehand. Providing that service made the rest of my day much less complicated! Thank you!

mobile mainteance & roadside assistance




vehicle diagnostic

Need a professional mechanic to let you know whats wrong with your car? Save your time, money, and stress with this awesome and convenient service.


tire repair

Looking to get your tire fixed without having to take it to a shop? Give us a call, we'll be happy to be your plug




Battery testing & installation

Left your lights on overnight? Well, it happens to us all. That's why our technicians are trained and equipped to test your battery and provide you with the information you need to decide. Although we don't sell batteries, we can help you install a new battery.


Tire change / jump start / lockouts / Fluids

We offer these four core services to make sure your car stays moving in the right direction. At home, at work, or on the road. We'll be there within 35 minutes to get you back up and running. 




Brakes & Rotors

Brake and rotor services are provided on a case by case basis usually depending on the year make and model of your vehicle. Call us and find out what we can do for you. 


Wheel lock removal

If you can't find that illusive wheel lock key, it's okay, we're equipped to handle most varieties of wheel locks and will remove it for you at the best rate in town.


$35 / 35 minutes or less

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